Difference between Life Goal and Life Purpose

Some people think that life goal is the real purpose in life. The reality, on the other hand, is that goal and purpose are totally different things.

Goals are more personal, while the purpose is more holistic.

Your life‟s goal is simply a single statement that relates to the achievement of a specific task. Purpose, on the other hand, is the reason that you feel you are here.

Both life goals and purpose can be valuable in improving your life. However, there is an expiration date for goals. Once you have achieved your life‟s goals, they no longer linger in the mind. Some people even feel empty and lost once they have achieved all their goals.

Purpose, in contrast, serves as a permanent beacon of light that guides you throughout your journey in life. It motivates you to get up every day in the morning full of anticipation and excitement, and end the day with a blissful smile on your face. In short, you write life goals on paper (or an electronic device), but you write the purpose of your life in the very depth of your soul.

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