"Paul Garwood this is awesome! I'm going through a few things that you mentioned in my life. I love self talk, belief systems, meditation and of course having a PURPOSE!"

"Paul Garwood this was outstanding, worded perfectly! I so agree with your message, pursuing our individual life calling is worth the effort to find. A great treasure and brings all the abundance you shared; happiness, connection of the dots and peace with oneself and the world around us.
Thank you, for your words, you are an amazing light!"

"Yes! I love the part where you explain how being true to your divine calling in life is the best part of life and it will lighten our relationships if we let it. Thanks!"


"My mom signed me up so wasn't too sure what to expect. thanks Paul these are some amazing tips....i struggle with anxiety on a daily basis. I feel like these are things I can actually do and you explained them very well"



"Paul Garwood, what can I say? Fantastic. These are life changing tips for sure. Thank you!"







"Paul is a person who truly cares for the youth and adults in that he instills peace whenever he speaks. His mission to show people that you can live a fulfilled an content life is within his book, his passions during this speaking engagements; and the people for whom he touches expresses this. I truly enjoyed interviewing Paul this year. His interview was inspiring and passionate. I would recommend Paul for any speaking engagements that may come his way. Anne Alston, CEO Founder, ALS"










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